Precision Dispensing & Material Handling Solutions

Robotanical dispensing solutions were designed to meet the challenges of filling consumer level packaging with botanical oils, tinctures, and other derivations. Our proprietary positive displacement technology ensures precision & speed down to a fraction of a milliliter regardless of temperature or viscosity of the material. Each machine is designed to meet specific customer safety requirements, is energy & space efficient and features a modular design so the machine can evolve along with your business. Cloud based remote fault diagnosis and automated reporting features to industry leading traceability software platforms can be integrated. Whether you want to dispense into cartomizers, pens, sticks or bottles, we can meet your requirements.


The Robotanical AtomFill system is a proven design to fill any type of small container, jar or cartomizer - 510, Mega, 901, 808, etc. - quickly and safely. Dispensing is repeatable and done with sufficient accuracy to ensure that your retail packaging meets state regulations.

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The Robotanical PenFill system is designed to handle the ultimate challenge of filling disposable vape pens, cartomizers and ecigarettes. Since these packages can be sensitive to overpressurizing of the cartomizers, the PenFill can precisely fill these packages with minimal waste resulting in maximum product yield and zero guesswork.

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Cartridge Filling & Traceability

Material handling can be a significant challenge. State requirements dictate accurate record keeping from plant to package and precise knowledge of material quantity at every stage of the process. Robotanical solves this problem with a proprietary cartridge system that can be tracked wirelessly and reported directly to your traceability software platform.

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